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Detox Bodywork

Detox Focus Treatment - $95
The unique 90 minute Detox Focus Treatment fuses Swedish therapy, acupressure, Chinese medical cupping, reflexology, and lymph drainage techniques to enhance toxin release from muscle tissue and the organs of elimination. It is relaxing and rejuvenating, and perfectly compliments detox focused diets and wellness residencies.

Private Meditation

Private Meditation Instruction - $45
Inspired by the Soto Zen tradition of Shikantaza (“just sitting”), this mindfulness meditation helps foster awareness and presence, enhancing our quality of life for ourselves and all that we encounter. This session includes a discussion on mindfulness, focuses on special needs, two sitting and one walking periods of meditation.


Foot Reflexology - $45
This treatment begins with a moist hot towel application to the feet, as we massage your hands. Once warmed and relaxed, reflex points are nurtured in the feet, enhancing nervous system action to the organs and the muscular system. The session ends with a relaxing foot massage, leaving you light on your feet and right in your head.

Relax & Restore

The Sou'Wester - $70
A medium pressure Swedish therapy treatment with light stretching and rocking, perfect for enhancing circulation and improving mood health.
The Chinook (90 Minutes)
Same as the Sou'wester with 30 minutes added on, to round out the experience.
Bioenergetics - $60
A fusion of Reiki, acupressure, breath work, and sound therapy with a focus on profound relaxation, general wellness, and emotional harmony.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Bodywork - $75
Deep tissue bodywork engages the muscular system on a deeper level and accommodates folks who are looking for a good work out with significant structural changes. Loosen up for that hike tomorrow, release the low back from a day of razor clamming, take care of that muscle cramp you got carving the surf.
Deep Tissue Bodywork - $95
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